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Unique Event Entertainment Ideas that WOW!

June 12th, 2018 by Brittney Settlage

Looking for other ways to entertain your guest besides the traditional band and photobooths? Here are a few ideas to give any occasion that WOW! factor and create EXTRAORDINARY memories.

Ariel Dancers

Nothing is more jaw dropping than dancers performing 20 feet above your head. This entertainment is sure to fascinate your guests! Their elegant performances can adapt to fit along perfectly with any theme. Ariel dances provide a memorable WOW! factor to any upcoming event.

Illusionists/ Magicians

Guests will be left speechless with this fascinating entertainment option. Illusionists are a great fit for corporate events, life celebrations and high school events. They provide great excitement and laughs for all your guests. Watch your friends get hypnotized and sing like a Rockstar or watch impossible magic happen with your own eyes. These fun performances are sure to leave your guests mesmerized!

Hula Dancers

Shake it off and have a lively performance for your next event. Hula dancers go along well with a tropical or Hawaiian themed event. It is awesome for corporate dinners and family events. Learn some new moves or sit back and enjoy the performance. This is sure to add a lot of excitement to your party.

Speed Painter

Watch an artist create a masterpiece in a matter of minutes. They can create jaw-dropping paintings right before your eyes. The thrill of speed makes art that much more exciting. This entertainment is perfect for any occasion as it goes beyond a show by interacting with the audience and sharing a talent so genuine.

Mega Arcades

Arcades games are a lot of fun, but what makes these games 100 times better? Being able to play on giant video screens. Throw it back with vintage arcade games like Ms. Pacman or Legends. This is especially great for any outdoor event and is fit for all ages.

Casino Tables

Bring Vegas thrills to your special event! Hosting a casino themed event is a great way to encourage interaction amongst guests, while having fun and to testing their luck. Casino tables are especially great for any charity events, corporate get togethers or employee parties you have on your calendar. Its important to abide by California’s gambling laws. There are a lot of different ways to host a safe and successful casino night. One solution is to supply guests with play chips and award a prize to the first few people with the biggest winnings at the end of the night.

Mobile Aquarium

Love the sea and the beautiful species it has to offer? We can bring the ocean to you! Have live tidepool animals at your event and learn about the wonders of the ocean. Everyone will absolutely love being able to touch live marine animals. Give any celebration a unique twist that is fun for all ages.

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