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Tips to make your grand opening GRAND!

June 28th, 2018 by Brittney Settlage


Promoting your grand opening is vital to the success of your turnout. Let people know about your event ahead of time and do not let them forget about it. Plaster the city with flyers and advertisements of your event. This is also when social media is your best friend. Promote your grand opening with sponsored posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Since many people are consistently checking social media, it Is a great platform to promote your grand opening.


It may be difficult trying to capture an audience as a new company, so you may want some help. Partnering with a local company that has a strong impact will help promote your grand opening. Since most people may not be familiar with your company, they will be willing to attend your grand opening since they are familiar with the partner company. They can also provide your company with some of their audience to make your grand opening a hit.


Make sure to focus on the potential customers in your area. Targeting locals in your promotions for your grand opening will bring in curious residents.. People love when companies care about the local community so this a great way to get them buzzing about your event, and feel pride when buying your goods or services.


Now that we’ve spent some time talking about the promotion of your event, let talk about making sure your attendees have a great time! Music is sure to give your guests a great experience, and the options for event entertainment is limitless. Cover bands,rock bands or a live DJ is a sure fire way to draw some attention. Making sure your visitors have a great time at the event will leave a good impression on attendees and ensure that they will remember your name. Hey! They might even tell all of their friends that they need to stop by and check it out.


A lot of people may ask, what do I get if I go? Answer their question with fun games and the chance to win small prizes. Have raffles at your event for people to win gift cards and much more. The benefit to handing out samples or gift cards at your grand opening is to gain interest in your brand so they’ll want to come back for more.


The location of your event is a crucial piece to making your grand opening successful. It can be helpful to make a Facebook page for your event to get an approximate count of how many people will be attending your event. A good option is for the event space to be outdoors, or in another large, open area. Make sure to draw attention to your area by having banners and balloons to make your event pop!

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