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November 30th, 2017 by Brittney Settlage

We live in a world of constant connectivity. People are constantly being updated with what’s going on around them in this social-media driven world. This can lead to FOMO. FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, is the worry we get when there’s the possibility of an amazing experience happening that we might miss out on.

Have you ever come home tired from a long day of work and just planned to relax, but then you get that text from a friend who wants to check out this cool new bar, restaurant or event that just popped up nearby? Your mood and plans instantly change because of the opportunity to experience something great. If you are trying to market your event, FOMO is your friend and Wow! Events knows that. Every events goal should be to WOW! its attendees and gain more interest, especially if your event is recurring.

Go Live!

Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Twitter Live, and even Periscope are ways to livestream your event. Live streaming your event can gain attraction to your event from those who aren’t attending. If you can do a livestream of your event properly you may convince others to attend your next event. Every one of your attendees has their own network of people that you want to reach. Those who are at your event have people following what they do on social media. Use this to your advantage. If you can get your attendees talking about your event online or to even go live while attending it, FOMO is sure to ensue. Our trained staff knows exactly what it takes to make your stream a hit. We can target key influencers, create buzz around your event and will have people waiting in line for your next one.


Creating a high demand for an event is a terrific way to increase interest. People want to do what is trending. Doing something that everyone is already doing won’t create exclusivity, but a unique event will. A great way to increase the exclusivity of your event is to offer small “hints” as the event draws near about what to expect. Creating curiosity in your marketing campaign is the perfect way to draw people in. People will look at your upcoming event and say to themselves, “How can I get tickets to that?” This is where you can do giveaways for meet and greets, exclusive tours and even flash sales.

If you want to truly entice people try closing the event to the public. Specifically inviting people will make them feel special. Spend time to target a certain amount of people who you think would enjoy your event. Those people can get a personal invite and they can choose to bring their friends as well. This way even if they can’t attend they feel more invested and it will spark interest within.

WOW! Events

Take advantage of technology and tap into people’s fear of missing out on your event. WOW! Events can help to create the perfect event, down to the last detail. With everything in place it will be a piece of cake to increase the attendance of your event and the buzz all around it.

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