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Celebrations of Life

Go out with a bang! Plan ahead and make sure your loved ones are celebrating your life the way you would want them to! Different from a memorial service, a celebration of life allows your loved ones to keep a lasting happy memory. Deaths can be unexpected but that doesn’t mean you need to leave your family to plan your departure at the last minute. Our event producers can help you every step of the way from venue selection to the type of music you’d like played. We’ll make sure your celebration is just as extraordinary as your life!


Make an impression one last time! Pick a venue that is out of the box and innovative. We work with hundreds of venues from more traditional ballrooms to exclusive museums and Hollywood landmark. Located throughout Southern California, our list of unbelievable, unique and exciting spaces is endless. Have you always dreamed of going to space? What about having your celebration of life at the Galaxy Center! Don’t let the venue choice be boring, venues can be a great way to connect with the person’s personality and really let it shine through. The venues we offer have a capacity of less than 100 to more than 700 guests, our event producers can help you figure out the best floor plan to make the most of the space.


Served seated dinner, buffet station, appetizers and cocktails, you name it, we bring it. We can help you make your selection to prepare the perfect menu for all of your guests. Our caterers can always make sure they follow your instructions for any particular food restrictions or allergies. If you don’t want the hassle of creating an entire menu, we also offer pre-selected menus that go great with any sort of event.


Not a lot of people think about doing a themed celebration of life but they’re a good way to make the celebration even more unique. The theme often relates to something the person enjoyed for example a Hollywood theme is great for people into movies! Guests can come dress to the nines, a red carpet can be laid out at the entrance. Tables can be dressed with red linens with director’s clapboards used as centerpieces for people to find their table number. Props and décor can always dress up any venues to make it more personal and special.


Group activities allow your guests to bond and honor the deceased. They bring a happy and fun moment for everyone to share. Some activities that can be offered are a balloon release for example out in the courtyard area. Guests can be invited to give speeches at a certain time and maybe share their favorite memory of the person. A slideshow is often shown and can be projected onto a wall throughout the entirety of the event. Activities are supposed to be fun and bring joy to all guests, dancing is a great way to accomplish that. Any venue can be set up with a dance floor or a specific dance area to allow your guests to dance the night away!

Don’t leave your loved ones in doubts of your final wishes. Ultimately, we want to make sure you plan every single detail of your celebration of life and have your guests honor you the way you’d want them to. We don’t want to leave anything out, we want you to be able to plan your legacy. We truly want to assure you you’re going away with a bang and that everything is just the way you expected it to be.

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