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An anniversary party is the perfect time to celebrate a couple, their achievements, and how they touched the lives of friends and family members. Whether it’s a first anniversary or a 50th anniversary, the party can be just as special as the couple. Let our event producers help you plan the perfect party to celebrate the happy couple.


Anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with close friends and family and you might not need a gigantic venue for the amount of guests you are inviting. Or you might have a very big family and do need that big venue after all! From intimate restaurants with private rooms to elegant banquet halls, our venues can accommodate anywhere between less than 100 to more than 700 guests. Located all throughout the Orange County area and the Los Angeles Metropolitan area, we can make sure distance is not an issue for any of your guests.


Although an anniversary is a theme of its own, an overall theme can be a great way to make your party even more fun! Imagine all your guests coming dressed up as famous couples! Did the couple have their honeymoon in Paris? What better way to reminisce than to have little Eiffel towers with pictures of the couple as centerpieces. Props can help make the party feel even more personal. Customization is key when it comes to having your party stand out from other anniversary celebrations!


Appetizers and cocktails are great if you are looking to host more of a casual yet elegant party for your anniversary. On the other hand, a full three-course dinner are great for a more sophisticated ambiance, especially if you are having your party in a banquet hall. No matter the size of the guest like or how intricate you’d like the menu to be, our caterers are happy to create a menu for you. We also offer pre-selected menu that go well with any sort of events. We like everyone to feel included, that’s why our caterers can always offer vegetarian options or find delicious alternatives for food restrictions or food allergies.


Band or DJ, or even both! We can help you pick out the best option for your party! DJs are great to bring people to the dance floor. Our selection of DJs are able to play any genre you desire from Top 40 to Salsa, they know how to get the party started! Bands and other live music ensemble such as jazz trio are great if you’re looking to ballroom dance or even as background music while you are greeting guests or during dinner.

Customer Service

We are dedicated to make your party as special as the occasion you are celebrating! Our event producers will work out details with you to ensure a successful evening for you and your guests. From set-up to take down, we’ll always make sure everything runs smoothly. We like to think ahead and anticipate but if a problem arises during the party, we’ll find a creative solution to allow an easy transition!

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