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May 26th, 2017 by Brittney Settlage

As southern California’s most experienced corporate event producers, we are often on the lookout for fun, innovative ways to keep each of our WOW! Events the subject of conversation. One of the biggest challenges in corporate event planning is putting together an appropriate atmosphere that encompasses the perfect look and feel of each special celebration or meeting. Here are a few of the latest trends in corporate event planning that we take into consideration to make sure your event makes a lasting impression of your business, setting you apart from the rest.

Corporate Event Venues

Hotels are usually the location for corporate events, confined and serious with attendees seated in rows of chairs. This type of set up leads to mental and physical fatigue. A new trend in corporate event planning has businesses serving up unique venues for gatherings. More companies are hosting their events in sports venues, private villas, casinos, theme parks, concert venues, or activity based locations such as team building facilities, murder mystery dinners and fun centers. The most successful, memorable, corporate events are the ones that don’t feel like a day at the office. Utilizing these non-traditional venues will change the entire experience and allow companies to pay more attention to their work force. Making the experience more about being together makes corporate environment more fun and gives attendees a chance to interact with each other in more relaxed environments where they can recharge.

Corporate Event Décor & Theme

Décor plays a significant role in any event. Something as simple as uplighting can help to transform a plain venue hall into a comfortable lounge area. Incorporating your corporate branding color scheme, logo, and theme into the decorations is a wonderful way to keep the business in the spotlight.

Corporate Event Catering

No business event is complete without food and refreshments. The basic, stuff, old sit down dinners have become a thing of the past. Current trends in food and food service are changing the way that corporate events are catered. Serving food in a unique way such as taste bars, food trucks, or themed food stations will improve guest engagement at your event by getting people up and moving around. The best way to ensure that there are more networking opportunities is to get people out of their seats. After all, building relationships plays a large role in hosting a successful corporate event. Having the right food options will aid as conversation starters and provide each attendee the fuel they will need for the day’s activities.

Corporate Event Planning & Management

Company event planning, like anything else in life, is subject to the fashions and trends of the moment. The few topics discussed here are well worth any business event planner’s attention. A professional corporate event planning and management company can reduce event planning stress and can make the overall process enjoyable.

At WOW! Events we thrive in helping to make your corporate events more interesting, memorable and productive, by coming up with new ways to make each guest say…“WOW”.

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