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Winter Formals

Kick off the holiday season with an elegant winter formal! Usually taking place between Homecoming and Prom, winter formals are a great way to give your students a little extra something before finals or even after to help everyone relax and enjoy the end of the semester.


When we think of winter formals, we think elegance, glamour and class and we have the venues just for that. The hundreds of venues we work with allows us to offer you a variety of venues for you to make your pick. Sophisticated ballrooms, prestigious atriums and modern galleries are a few of the types of venues you can select for your winter formal. We want to make your students feel special. What if they could have access to exclusive rooms in a museum for example? We can make that happen!


Here at WOW! Events, we love creativity. Students always come up with the most unique and fun themes for any of their events! And we are always determined to bring the theme to life with props and décor for the venue. Genie lamps as centerpieces are always great for an Arabian night theme. Or what about a masquerade theme? Students could walk in and pick out their favorite mask for a photo opportunity at the step and repeat! Our event producers will be more than happy to help you come up with the most innovative theme for your winter formal.


A great caterer can always accommodate any type of specifications they are given whether it be vegetarian options, food restrictions or food allergies. Our caterers are more than happy to customize a menu entirely for you! From three-course meals or just appetizers and desserts, we’ll help you pick out the best options.

Activities & Entertainment

Activities and performers are always a great plus to any event! We work with many vendors who can offer different types of activities. Below is a list of our more popular items:

  • Photo booth with props
  • Casino Tables (such as Black jack and craps)
  • LED games (such as ping pong, foosball, and more)
  • Karaoke
  • Caricaturists
  • Palm Readers

These activities allow students to take a break from all the dancing and have keepsakes of their magical night.


WOW! Events knows that music can make or break any type of event. Students are eager to dance with their date or friends but administration and parents want to make sure it stays appropriate. That’s why our event producers always make sure the music selection is to the students’ taste but also the adults! During your planning meeting, students will be given a questionnaire to fill out where they can select which genres of music they’d like our DJs to play. School administration will also be given a questionnaire to write down which specific topics they’d like not to appear (usually drugs, alcohol, or anything not PG-13!). We make sure our DJs are aware of all requests but still ensure a fun time for everyone! Other options are also available such as music trios with live musicians to play elegant music in the courtyard.

Customer Service

The most important aspect to any events we plan is to make sure you are satisfied and happy with how the event turn out. Our goal is to allow you to have fun and enjoy a stress-free planning process. We are always available for any questions, concerns you may have and we can always provide you with different options. We want to make the event as perfect as possible for you and won’t be afraid to look for creative solutions to make that happen!

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