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Fun! Team Building Corporate Activities

May 14th, 2018 by Brittney Settlage

Graffiti Art

NO ARTISTIC SKILL NEEDED! The graffiti art wall challenge will help your team members develop their creativity and tap into their imagination. Team members will go to different stations to learn various types of graffiti styles. Once everyone has learned the different types of styles, they will go head-to-head on the “masterpiece” wall.

Bar Fight

We don’t mean a physical bar fight but a battle between teams involving drinking games, trivia, and the search for the perfect drink. Team members can compete in a series of drinking games such as Jeopardy, Cup pong, and cornhole. Turn everyone into a bartender that night by having a head-to-head and see who can make the best drink with certain ingredients. This staff outing will have everyone in great spirit.

Sandcastle Competition

Take the team out to the beach and have them learn how to make amazing sandcastles! Sandcastle building is a great way for employees to bond and work together to accomplish the same goal while enjoying a beautiful sunny day. Have your team learn from professional sandcastle builders themselves and battle it out to see which team makes the best sandcastles.

The Amazing Race

Similar to the Olympics, The Amazing Race combines various types of activities. From scavenger hunts, to puzzles and obstacles; it puts everyone’s skills to the test. This can be a great exercise for employees to interact and develop their communication with each other. It’s also a great way for team members to get out of their comfort zone and help other teammates to take down the opponent.

Sports Tournaments

A sports tournament is a great way to break the ice between associates. There are many options, from basketball, to dodgeball and even bubble soccer. To add a little more friendly competition, try to find a similar company to yours, or a company that you do a lot of business with and invite them to play!. Nothing is better than earning bragging rights against a fellow competitor.

Karaoke Night

Not everyone will have a Grammy winning voice, so a karaoke night is the perfect opportunity for employees to break out of their shell. This can serve as the foundation for your employees to grow with their fellow team members. Consider having a creative drink menu to give your team members a little extra confidence boost to rock out to their favorite songs.

Go Kart Racing

Add some adrenaline to your team building event. Rent out a local go kart track and let your team members have a go at it! This is another great way for your employees to have some fun and bond with each other. Also, it’s not every you get to drive a mini race car at 30 mph.

Themed Days

If you don’t have time to plan a day out of the office or schedules are conflicting, have a “Themed Day” at the office. Themes can range from “sports day” to “Halloween outfits” and “dynamic duos”. Offer small prizes to the most creative outfits dressed to the theme.

Hiking Day

Explore the beauty of mother nature by having a family day for your employees. Team members will have a chance to interact with each other on a personal level. This family-friendly environment is the perfect teambuilding activity to bring team members closer and allow for the kids to make some new friends.

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