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November 17th, 2017 by Brittney Settlage

Prom is a monumental social event where students get to dress up, eat a fancy dinner and have fun making memories with friends. This is their night to shine so it is important to pick a memorable theme. With a little creativity and some decorations your school or venue can transform into anything. If you haven’t started thinking about your 2018 prom theme, here is some inspiration. WOW! Events has been creating nights to remember for a long time, and we have over 120 theme ideas. Below are just some of our favorites:

Masquerade Ball

A masquerade themed prom is the perfect way to add a little mystery into the night. Known for being rich and extravagant, masquerade parties date back as far as the 15th century. Whether on or off site, we know how to transform your gym or venue into a Victorian ballroom fit for royalty. Decorate with beautiful velvet fabrics, draped over tables or used as curtains and deep colored plastic gems sprinkled along tables. Fur and feathers are great to add texture to the room, and of course masks can be used as embellishments. Make the night feel even more authentic by requesting that guests wear masks. They’ve all seen masquerade balls in movies or pictures and will love that they get the opportunity to dress up and act the part.

Great Gatsby

Channel the 20’s with a theme based off of this iconic book. The color scheme should of course be anything black, white, gold and glittery! Feathers, pearls and fringe are your best decorating mediums at this party. Use large gold sequin curtains or strands of gold beads to create the perfect backdrop for photos. Our venues that have an elegant layout and beautiful chandeliers will make you feel like you are in Jay Gatsby’s mansion – After all Gatsby parties are notoriously lavish and raucous.

Hollywood Glamour

Each guest will feel like a star on the night of their prom. Turn the dance into a red carpet event and celebrate in style. All of the glitz and glam will be awaiting them from the moment they arrive. A Hollywood themed prom night may seem overdone, but we raise the bar high, with new and innovative ideas for each event. Decorate with starry black backdrops with twinkling lights, velvet curtains and up-lighting. To transform your venue into a movie premier, you will need a red carpet and backdrop for everyone to stop and get their pictures taken by the paparazzi. Everyone will already be dressed to impress in red carpet worthy gowns and tuxedos, really make each guest feel like a celebrity by hosting a Hollywood Glamour Prom.

Under the Sea

Create your own spin on this prom theme classic. Think nautical, decorating with bright turquoise and blue to feel like you are walking underwater. It’s not difficult for us to find the perfect sea props for an underwater prom. Starfish, fish, crabs and other marine life animals are perfect for decorating. If you want to go above and beyond we have access to venues with different sea like features. You can be right on the water, looking at a beautiful ocean view, or in an aquarium looking at exotic fish all around.


Create a night filled with fun and games for a carnival themed prom night. Start it off by making the prom invitations look like carnival tickets. At the dance use red and white vertical stripes to accent the venue’s interior, the guests will feel like they are at a real carnival. Snacks can also be utilized as decoration with popcorn machines and cotton candy spinners on the floor. The bonus to hosting a carnival prom is that entertainment is endless. Along with music and dancing, indoor or outdoor carnival games such as a ring toss, fun house mirrors, and funny photo cutouts to take pictures in will be a hit. Decorating with balloons and giant stuffed animals is a must. Cater in some carnival food to tie it all together.

WOW! Events

As Southern California’s leading high school event planner we have a lot of ideas up our sleeves. We pay close attention to detail and can help in the planning and execution of your event. If you like some of these ideas and want to see our full list of prom themes contact us or fill out our form to request a free consultation.

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