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Differences Between Event Planners, Designers and Coordinators

August 25th, 2017 by Brittney Settlage

It’s no secret that planning an event is a great task. Luckily there are experts in event planning that can help you complete your vision and take some of the stress and uncertainty away in the process. Learning the difference between event planners, designers, and coordinators early on can help you on your search for the best assistance. Understand what each does, and why you may want to hire them.

Event Planners/Event Producers

First thing to know about event planners is that they are not just party planners. While the final product may give the impression that this profession is all about creating great parties, event planning is much more than that. These people are goal oriented, extremely organized, and a lot of their work is done behind the scenes in pre-production. An experienced event planner will create an event that adheres to the message or theme you want to convey. Event planners are involved throughout the entire planning process and are your main advocate in anything logistically based, from vendor referrals and contract negotiations to the overall execution. The Event Planner keeps track of the budget and assists you with anything that pertains to your event. During your process of planning an event, your event planner will be there every step of the way and will know your vision in every capacity to make it all happen.

Event Designers

Every event requires more than timelines and logistics; this is where an event designer comes into play. An event designer oversees every aesthetic aspect. Once you convey your idea for an event, an event designer will take that idea and transform it into an atmosphere with creative details.
Event Designers are visionaries, they require an artistic eye, and can visualize each detail to give your event a cohesive style. Don’t get event design confused with decorating. Decorating is what people do on Christmas. Design consulting for an event is more than that, it accounts for everything in a room including floorplans, décor, lighting, furniture, color schemes, tablescapes and even attire if needed.

Event Coordinators

Coordinators, like planners are logic-focused but work with you within a shorter timeframe well into the planning process. They will confirm the contracts with each vendor, create timelines for the day of, insure payments and get guest counts in order once the event is approaching. As your main point of contact during the last few weeks leading up to your event, this person helps to tweak details and tie up loose ends to be fully prepared. The value of having an event coordinator is to ensure everything is on schedule, and to make sure everything is running smoothly. Usually this person will be there the day of the event to tend to detail, resolve issues that may arise and take control so you can enjoy your time with your guests.

What WOW! Can Do for You

The benefit of working with WOW! Events is that we are a full-service event planning company. This means that we can be your planner, coordinator, and designer all in one to provide an inclusive experience for each client. From beginning to end, knowing that we are there to ensure everything is done promptly and efficiently heightens the enjoyment of the event while reducing the amount of stress along the way. We are able to save you time and money because we are experienced in all types of event planning, are custom to your specific needs, and have trusted vendors and venue locations that others don’t know exist. Get ahold of one of our Event Producers at WOW! Events to see what knowledge and resources we have to help educate and guide you through your upcoming event.

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