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Trade Shows

Planning an event as big as a trade show can be quite difficult. You can expect something to go wrong and possibly at the worse time possible. However, with the right amount of planning, you can be prepared when that happens. Here at WOW! Events, we pride ourselves on coordination. One of our main goals in the office is to be obsessive about organization, that includes managing multiple tasks and promises to be a superstar and always delivering not only efforts but results.

Taking Part in a Trade Show

Strategic planning is a fundamental that everyone on our team practices. With great planning comes a great event. It is important to us to be meticulous about details. We want you to focus on communicating your brand message and your goals for the trade show, we’ll take care of the rest. Starting with the big pieces such as having your own personalized booth arrive on time at the show to having swag bags with collaterals to give to attendees with your logo on everything you can think of. WOW! Events only works with the best of the best, our vendors are always clear on expectations and we make it a point to always go the extra mile.

Planning a Trade Show


The right venue is a key element to make your event successful. We won’t have a problem finding the perfect venue, no matter how many attendees you expect to come. From small venues that can hold up to 200 attendees to big venues that can hold over 800 attendees, our portfolio is filled with diversity to satisfy your every need. After helping you pick out the best venue, we’ll help you with the layout. A great floor plan will allow your attendees to feel comfortable while walking around the trade show floor. Our event producers can help you coordinating every last detail. Another crucial aspect to trade shows is the equipment. We promise to help you find the most efficient and reliable vendor for your booth equipment. We know how vital it is for equipment to be delivered on time and that’s why we are fanatics about response time!


Attendees will expect beverages and perhaps some appetizers throughout the show and we have the right caterer for you. All of the caterers we work with are able to accommodate any request you may have. We know the importance of flexibility when catering to such a big group, that’s why we only work with the best. Refer to our Catering page to get further details about catering for big groups.

Entertainment & Activity

Here at WOW! Events, we like cohesion. That’s why we like everything to follow the main theme of the event. A good and appropriate entertainment will help your trade show gather a bigger crowd and keep them at the event longer. Our event producers will work with you to figure out the best entertainment to bring traffic to the event but also to achieve the goals you have for the event. Activities that attendees can participate to will ensure they won’t forget the event.

Our goal is not to be good, it’s to be extraordinary. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Our event producers and corporate event specialist are here with you every step of the way to answer any questions you may have. They’re always prepared to find creative solutions to any issues that may arise before, during or after the show is over. A good event planner comes up with solutions but a great event planner is able to anticipate and solve problems before they even happen. You can count on WOW! Events to do just that for you!

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