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Celebrations of Life

WOW! Events can take care of designing, planning & executing your Celebration of Life form A-Z, so you can be present and receive support from family & friends. We provide ethical, empathetic, and professional expertise and our goal is to lessen the stress and pain it may cause to plan a celebration of life for a loved one.

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What is a  Celebration of Life?

It is a gathering of family, friends & all loved ones that come together to celebrate the joy that the person has brought to themselves and to others. You can host one if the person is being buried or cremated. They can be religious or they can be non-denominational. They can include a service and a reception at separate locations or everything can be at one venue. They usually include a theme that is incorporated and that includes a lot of the persons likes, interests, hobbies, and favorite things. You can hold one anywhere and even more importantly at any time. Some places we have helped clients hold a Celebration of Life memorial have been- golf courses, beach areas, hotels, parks, backyards, etc. There are no rules to a Celebration of Life! This is important to know because it will lower your stress when you think about ”what am I supposed to do”, and we suggest planning it later then one week after the passing. Why force yourself to do so much in such a quick amount of time, your loved one would not have wanted you to be stressed and by doing it a couple of weeks to a month or so after allows you to find better options and give out of towners options on getting there to be a part of as well.
It can be overwhelming and stressful to plan a 100 plus person event while you are grieving and busy doing other things that need to be accomplished like gathering death certificates and closing account and dealing with life insurance etc. A Celebration of Life can feel like you are planning a wedding. Wedding typically take a year to plan and now you find yourself doing this in a couple of weeks. WOW! Events can help you find a venue, an officiant, flowers, handouts, guest book/memory box. In addition to those we can also help you with food, beverages, rentals, audio visual, music, memory tables, etc. Our team can plan your COL and execute it the day of while you focus on other more important things during a difficult time. Our team will plan for your peace of mind.

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