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Labor Day is the last big holiday of the Summer, so it deserves a blow-out party, and many event planners and designers will tell you to prepare for a lot of clean up. Just keep in mind, if you use eco-friendly plates and tableware, lights, and other decorations, you can still be kind to the environment. Going green is more than just a trend now; it’s a way of life. Because of that, you can throw a unique party that will help all of your guests remember the summer. Take a look at how you can celebrate—and decorate—in a way that’s nice to the Earth but still fabulous.

Design an Eco-Friendly Tablescape

Parties are fun, but it’s impossible to deny that they often lead to a lot of waste. Putting together beautiful table settings can get excessively wasteful, for instance. Using real plates results in more water than usual, while paper plates are harmful to trees and the environment, unless you recycle them. To go green, you just have to cast your mind away from the traditional. There are plenty of eco-friendly plates from which to choose, including durable bamboo plates. Go one step further and replace your plastic straws with one-and-done paper straws.

Don’t rely on plastic containers, bottles, and cans. Present food in serving bowls and on platters straight from your kitchen, or consider bamboo and other eco-friendly materials. Pour beverages from pitchers, jugs, and drink dispensers. Stick to glasses or reusable plastic or rubber cups.

Let There Be Light

Evening soirees and events that take place indoors may need extra light. Get creative in ways that won’t run up your power bill or waste electricity. Again, you have an array of lively options. Switching to LED lights indoors and outdoors is a start. In fact, that’s a smart move all year, not just for parties. String LED fairy lights throughout the yard or the main room or line the area with battery-powered or solar light. Candles and paper lanterns are also classic options. A combination of white lights and flames will create a magical, eco-friendly effect.

Send Out Paperless Invites

Paperless invites have several benefits when promoting your event. Designing traditional invitations is the only fun part. No one enjoys paying for postage, addressing envelopes, or licking stamps. Sending out invitations is expensive and time-consuming, not to mention bad for the environment—all those trees! Paperless invites, however, have the potential to be 100 percent free, provided you have an eye for design and can create your own. Otherwise, you can spend a little on a template, or just find something that’s free to use. Then, you can email it, text it, Snapchat it, or stick it on your Insta. How easy is that?

Make the Backyard Work for You

Instead of wasting money on paper decorations that probably won’t even last until next Labor Day, get creative as naturally as possible. Use the plants and flowers in the yard as decor, adding lights to trees and bushes. Add simple lawn ornaments that are great for all the warm-weather months. Alternatively, light a fire, enjoy the stars, and toast s’mores.

Do you have a pool that guests will be playing in all day? A safety fence made of lattice is ideal for displaying flowers, especially flora that vines, plus it will keep the younger guests safe. All of these ideas will celebrate the beautiful summer landscape that may well be under snow in a couple of months. Of course, anything durable that you can get a lot of use out of is perfectly fine.

Cut Down on Waste

Sending out save-the-dates and RSVP requests may not be enough to guarantee that no one will flake on the party. It’s hard to plan for exactly how many people will attend, but do your best to cut down on waste as you buy food and beverages. No host wants to under-plan, but you can figure out what to do with all the leftovers beforehand. Maybe you can donate them to a local shelter or take plates to neighbors and friends who couldn’t come.

Serve Local Goodies

Are you going to have the party catered? That’s a fabulous idea! You can focus on playing host instead of worrying about the food. However, transporting food is an expensive business that’s not necessarily nice to the environment. That’s the nature of transportation. You can do your part to cut down on emissions and wasted energy by choosing a local farm-to-table restaurant or catering company that uses seasonal, locally-sourced produce.

It doesn’t take much to host an Earth-friendly celebration for Labor Day or any other holiday. These tips apply to Valentine’s Day, your birthday, and Earth Day, of course. The most important thing is to cut down on waste wherever you can, particularly with the decorations, the food, and the actual energy that goes into planning and throwing the party. Seasonality is an essential consideration in every aspect. What do you do to make your parties environmentally friendly?

Le Diner en Blanc is an elegant, pop-up picnic held in over 70 different cities all over the world. It started in 1988 when a man named François Pasquier invited friends to gather at a well-known park in Paris, France. He had very specific instructions: prepare and bring a meal to eat, invite a guest, and dress in all white to easily identify themselves. Today, the same traditions are upheld in cities all over the world that partake in this annual event.

How Diner en Blanc Started

In short, Le Diner en Blanc is an annual event that began back in 1988 in Paris, France. A Frenchman named Francois Pasquier invited a small group of his closest friends to an elegant dinner in the city. His goal was to get his loved ones away from the hustle bustle of everyday life and enjoy a night together far from the noise, taking in the true beauty of nature and their surroundings. The group gathered one evening in the stunning Bois de Vincennes, a park that covers over 2000 acres, dressed in all white. Those in attendance wore the color white to easily identify one another, and the name “Diner en Blanc” was born (“Dinner in White”).

The gathering was a success, and those who participated in the original event decided to continue the tradition for years to come. It caught fire in the city of Paris and beyond, and now 30 years in the future Le Diner en Blanc brings together over 100,000 people worldwide every year. In 2017, there were 27 countries and 76 cities worldwide to attend this magical one-of-a-kind event. Charleston, Washington DC, New York, Boston, Hawaii and Las Vegas are just a few of the American cities to participate.

Orange County’s Diner en Blanc

On November 2nd, 2017, Orange County’s first ever Diner en Blanc brought over 1,000 Californians together. This event was held in Huntington Beach, California, delivered the elegance, beauty and prestige of high French society to all in attendance. It was a true spectacle of fashionistas, food lovers, business owners and lifestyle enthusiasts dressed head to toe in diamond white. The goal with producing Orange County’s annual Diner en Blanc is to find a new iconic location each year, promoting the beauty in our community while creating an atmosphere where locals can make new connections and memories. Each Diner en Blanc is a unique experience that brings each city’s cultural flavor to the party.

WOW! Events was honored with the task of producing this global phenomenon in our own community. With the help of WOW! Events President Tiffany Brown at the helm, our dedicated host and so many other hardworking volunteers, guests experienced history by becoming a part of the second ever Le Diner en Blanc Orange County.

This exclusive event sets itself apart from any other. Invitations are required to participate, and slots are limited. Entertainment and location are kept top secret until you arrive on site to the event. Our goal with producing Orange County’s annual Diner en Blanc is to create an extraordinary experience in which the incredible entertainment, impeccable food and an unforgettable atmosphere leaves every participant saying WOW!

For more information on Orange County’s Dinner en Blanc follow us on our social media pages, or visit the Orange County Diner en Blanc page.

“Internship”. For a young college kid with little to no experience, that word can be intimidating. I know it was for me. My name is Joe Naples, and I’m a 21-year-old college senior who before this summer, had never been an intern. I was looking for a Marketing position that would give me experience I could take with me once I graduated, and I can honestly say that becoming a part of WOW! Events was the best decision I could have made.

My two months as an intern with WOW! have been filled with knowledge and experience, but also unexpected fun. I pictured sitting in a cubicle all day stressing over deadlines and trying to make my boss happy. It turns out I got the complete opposite, and I’m grateful for that. From the first day I stepped through the door, I was greeted by bright smiling faces and respect. I knew I was going to get the attention I needed to take something from my experience.
I found out quickly that these women approach work with a different mentality than most, which is why they have been so successful over the years. When I had a question or wanted to learn, all I had to do was ask and I got an explanation without feeling like a burden. The company culture is all about communication and working together to solve problems, and a “One In, All In” mentality like that is always refreshing to be a part of.

WOW! provides an easy work environment because nobody is looking over your shoulder or pressuring you to do things a certain way. I was given the freedom to be creative with my assignments and let my ideas flow. Because of this, I came into the office every morning relaxed and excited to get to work, something I know others cannot say about their Internship.

I would personally like to thank President Tiffany Brown and Marianne Tapales for spending time with me and guiding me through this experience. With the help of those two, I learned more about Marketing and Social Media than I ever thought possible in a two-month span. I was able to gain valuable insight by sitting in on meetings each week and learning how the company is run from the inside. They made me feel like I was a part of the staff, and not just an expendable intern that would soon be forgotten. Marianne specifically took it upon herself to assign me tasks and teach me things that would prepare me for challenges I will face in the future.

I know now that I will go back to school this fall with knowledge and experience that will translate to success in my classes and beyond. “Delivering Extraordinary Experiences Everyday” is the mission of the company, and they delivered like they always do. Thank you, WOW!


Promoting your grand opening is vital to the success of your turnout. Let people know about your event ahead of time and do not let them forget about it. Plaster the city with flyers and advertisements of your event. This is also when social media is your best friend. Promote your grand opening with sponsored posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Since many people are consistently checking social media, it Is a great platform to promote your grand opening.


It may be difficult trying to capture an audience as a new company, so you may want some help. Partnering with a local company that has a strong impact will help promote your grand opening. Since most people may not be familiar with your company, they will be willing to attend your grand opening since they are familiar with the partner company. They can also provide your company with some of their audience to make your grand opening a hit.


Make sure to focus on the potential customers in your area. Targeting locals in your promotions for your grand opening will bring in curious residents.. People love when companies care about the local community so this a great way to get them buzzing about your event, and feel pride when buying your goods or services.


Now that we’ve spent some time talking about the promotion of your event, let talk about making sure your attendees have a great time! Music is sure to give your guests a great experience, and the options for event entertainment is limitless. Cover bands,rock bands or a live DJ is a sure fire way to draw some attention. Making sure your visitors have a great time at the event will leave a good impression on attendees and ensure that they will remember your name. Hey! They might even tell all of their friends that they need to stop by and check it out.


A lot of people may ask, what do I get if I go? Answer their question with fun games and the chance to win small prizes. Have raffles at your event for people to win gift cards and much more. The benefit to handing out samples or gift cards at your grand opening is to gain interest in your brand so they’ll want to come back for more.


The location of your event is a crucial piece to making your grand opening successful. It can be helpful to make a Facebook page for your event to get an approximate count of how many people will be attending your event. A good option is for the event space to be outdoors, or in another large, open area. Make sure to draw attention to your area by having banners and balloons to make your event pop!

Looking for other ways to entertain your guest besides the traditional band and photobooths? Here are a few ideas to give any occasion that WOW! factor and create EXTRAORDINARY memories.

Ariel Dancers

Nothing is more jaw dropping than dancers performing 20 feet above your head. This entertainment is sure to fascinate your guests! Their elegant performances can adapt to fit along perfectly with any theme. Ariel dances provide a memorable WOW! factor to any upcoming event.

Illusionists/ Magicians

Guests will be left speechless with this fascinating entertainment option. Illusionists are a great fit for corporate events, life celebrations and high school events. They provide great excitement and laughs for all your guests. Watch your friends get hypnotized and sing like a Rockstar or watch impossible magic happen with your own eyes. These fun performances are sure to leave your guests mesmerized!

Hula Dancers

Shake it off and have a lively performance for your next event. Hula dancers go along well with a tropical or Hawaiian themed event. It is awesome for corporate dinners and family events. Learn some new moves or sit back and enjoy the performance. This is sure to add a lot of excitement to your party.

Speed Painter

Watch an artist create a masterpiece in a matter of minutes. They can create jaw-dropping paintings right before your eyes. The thrill of speed makes art that much more exciting. This entertainment is perfect for any occasion as it goes beyond a show by interacting with the audience and sharing a talent so genuine.

Mega Arcades

Arcades games are a lot of fun, but what makes these games 100 times better? Being able to play on giant video screens. Throw it back with vintage arcade games like Ms. Pacman or Legends. This is especially great for any outdoor event and is fit for all ages.

Casino Tables

Bring Vegas thrills to your special event! Hosting a casino themed event is a great way to encourage interaction amongst guests, while having fun and to testing their luck. Casino tables are especially great for any charity events, corporate get togethers or employee parties you have on your calendar. Its important to abide by California’s gambling laws. There are a lot of different ways to host a safe and successful casino night. One solution is to supply guests with play chips and award a prize to the first few people with the biggest winnings at the end of the night.

Mobile Aquarium

Love the sea and the beautiful species it has to offer? We can bring the ocean to you! Have live tidepool animals at your event and learn about the wonders of the ocean. Everyone will absolutely love being able to touch live marine animals. Give any celebration a unique twist that is fun for all ages.

Graffiti Art

NO ARTISTIC SKILL NEEDED! The graffiti art wall challenge will help your team members develop their creativity and tap into their imagination. Team members will go to different stations to learn various types of graffiti styles. Once everyone has learned the different types of styles, they will go head-to-head on the “masterpiece” wall.

Bar Fight

We don’t mean a physical bar fight but a battle between teams involving drinking games, trivia, and the search for the perfect drink. Team members can compete in a series of drinking games such as Jeopardy, Cup pong, and cornhole. Turn everyone into a bartender that night by having a head-to-head and see who can make the best drink with certain ingredients. This staff outing will have everyone in great spirit.

Sandcastle Competition

Take the team out to the beach and have them learn how to make amazing sandcastles! Sandcastle building is a great way for employees to bond and work together to accomplish the same goal while enjoying a beautiful sunny day. Have your team learn from professional sandcastle builders themselves and battle it out to see which team makes the best sandcastles.

The Amazing Race

Similar to the Olympics, The Amazing Race combines various types of activities. From scavenger hunts, to puzzles and obstacles; it puts everyone’s skills to the test. This can be a great exercise for employees to interact and develop their communication with each other. It’s also a great way for team members to get out of their comfort zone and help other teammates to take down the opponent.

Sports Tournaments

A sports tournament is a great way to break the ice between associates. There are many options, from basketball, to dodgeball and even bubble soccer. To add a little more friendly competition, try to find a similar company to yours, or a company that you do a lot of business with and invite them to play!. Nothing is better than earning bragging rights against a fellow competitor.

Karaoke Night

Not everyone will have a Grammy winning voice, so a karaoke night is the perfect opportunity for employees to break out of their shell. This can serve as the foundation for your employees to grow with their fellow team members. Consider having a creative drink menu to give your team members a little extra confidence boost to rock out to their favorite songs.

Go Kart Racing

Add some adrenaline to your team building event. Rent out a local go kart track and let your team members have a go at it! This is another great way for your employees to have some fun and bond with each other. Also, it’s not every you get to drive a mini race car at 30 mph.

Themed Days

If you don’t have time to plan a day out of the office or schedules are conflicting, have a “Themed Day” at the office. Themes can range from “sports day” to “Halloween outfits” and “dynamic duos”. Offer small prizes to the most creative outfits dressed to the theme.

Hiking Day

Explore the beauty of mother nature by having a family day for your employees. Team members will have a chance to interact with each other on a personal level. This family-friendly environment is the perfect teambuilding activity to bring team members closer and allow for the kids to make some new friends.


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