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Ugly Sweater Party

This popular event theme for the winter is a fast and easy way to gather your friends, family, or co-workers. Encourage a little competition with a contest for best sweater. Rent out a space, reserve a party room at your favorite restaurant or host it in your home or office.

Ice-skating Event

Simple winter event ideas can come from your own seasonal traditions. Getting a group together at a local ice-skating rink is a fun and simple way to host an event. There’s nothing like a little ice, a cool breeze and cute mittens and scarves to make everyone feel like they’ve crossed into a winter wonderland.

Gingerbread House Contest

Chime into your childhood memories by assembling a gingerbread house. Set up stations with all the necessary items. Teams can compete to make the most creative house, while those who just came to watch, or vote can enjoy snacks and refreshments.

Movie Night

Nothing spreads holiday cheer like one of the classics. Find a venue with space for a projector and invite everyone to enjoy one of your favorite seasonal movies. Prepare popcorn, snacks and hot cocoa so everyone is ready to get cozy and enjoy.


There are plenty of winter snacks that anyone can bring to your winter celebration. Pie, chili, sugar cookies, and stuffing are delicious dishes that fill your bellies and make you feel cozy on a chilly winter day. Provide a main dish then ask everyone else to sign up to bring their own. This is a great way to share your traditional recipes with others while showing off your baking skills.

We live in a world of constant connectivity. People are constantly being updated with what’s going on around them in this social-media driven world. This can lead to FOMO. FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, is the worry we get when there’s the possibility of an amazing experience happening that we might miss out on.

Have you ever come home tired from a long day of work and just planned to relax, but then you get that text from a friend who wants to check out this cool new bar, restaurant or event that just popped up nearby? Your mood and plans instantly change because of the opportunity to experience something great. If you are trying to market your event, FOMO is your friend and Wow! Events knows that. Every events goal should be to WOW! its attendees and gain more interest, especially if your event is recurring.

Go Live!

Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Twitter Live, and even Periscope are ways to livestream your event. Live streaming your event can gain attraction to your event from those who aren’t attending. If you can do a livestream of your event properly you may convince others to attend your next event. Every one of your attendees has their own network of people that you want to reach. Those who are at your event have people following what they do on social media. Use this to your advantage. If you can get your attendees talking about your event online or to even go live while attending it, FOMO is sure to ensue. Our trained staff knows exactly what it takes to make your stream a hit. We can target key influencers, create buzz around your event and will have people waiting in line for your next one.


Creating a high demand for an event is a terrific way to increase interest. People want to do what is trending. Doing something that everyone is already doing won’t create exclusivity, but a unique event will. A great way to increase the exclusivity of your event is to offer small “hints” as the event draws near about what to expect. Creating curiosity in your marketing campaign is the perfect way to draw people in. People will look at your upcoming event and say to themselves, “How can I get tickets to that?” This is where you can do giveaways for meet and greets, exclusive tours and even flash sales.

If you want to truly entice people try closing the event to the public. Specifically inviting people will make them feel special. Spend time to target a certain amount of people who you think would enjoy your event. Those people can get a personal invite and they can choose to bring their friends as well. This way even if they can’t attend they feel more invested and it will spark interest within.

WOW! Events

Take advantage of technology and tap into people’s fear of missing out on your event. WOW! Events can help to create the perfect event, down to the last detail. With everything in place it will be a piece of cake to increase the attendance of your event and the buzz all around it.

Prom is a monumental social event where students get to dress up, eat a fancy dinner and have fun making memories with friends. This is their night to shine so it is important to pick a memorable theme. With a little creativity and some decorations your school or venue can transform into anything. If you haven’t started thinking about your 2018 prom theme, here is some inspiration. WOW! Events has been creating nights to remember for a long time, and we have over 120 theme ideas. Below are just some of our favorites:

Masquerade Ball

A masquerade themed prom is the perfect way to add a little mystery into the night. Known for being rich and extravagant, masquerade parties date back as far as the 15th century. Whether on or off site, we know how to transform your gym or venue into a Victorian ballroom fit for royalty. Decorate with beautiful velvet fabrics, draped over tables or used as curtains and deep colored plastic gems sprinkled along tables. Fur and feathers are great to add texture to the room, and of course masks can be used as embellishments. Make the night feel even more authentic by requesting that guests wear masks. They’ve all seen masquerade balls in movies or pictures and will love that they get the opportunity to dress up and act the part.

Great Gatsby

Channel the 20’s with a theme based off of this iconic book. The color scheme should of course be anything black, white, gold and glittery! Feathers, pearls and fringe are your best decorating mediums at this party. Use large gold sequin curtains or strands of gold beads to create the perfect backdrop for photos. Our venues that have an elegant layout and beautiful chandeliers will make you feel like you are in Jay Gatsby’s mansion – After all Gatsby parties are notoriously lavish and raucous.

Hollywood Glamour

Each guest will feel like a star on the night of their prom. Turn the dance into a red carpet event and celebrate in style. All of the glitz and glam will be awaiting them from the moment they arrive. A Hollywood themed prom night may seem overdone, but we raise the bar high, with new and innovative ideas for each event. Decorate with starry black backdrops with twinkling lights, velvet curtains and up-lighting. To transform your venue into a movie premier, you will need a red carpet and backdrop for everyone to stop and get their pictures taken by the paparazzi. Everyone will already be dressed to impress in red carpet worthy gowns and tuxedos, really make each guest feel like a celebrity by hosting a Hollywood Glamour Prom.

Under the Sea

Create your own spin on this prom theme classic. Think nautical, decorating with bright turquoise and blue to feel like you are walking underwater. It’s not difficult for us to find the perfect sea props for an underwater prom. Starfish, fish, crabs and other marine life animals are perfect for decorating. If you want to go above and beyond we have access to venues with different sea like features. You can be right on the water, looking at a beautiful ocean view, or in an aquarium looking at exotic fish all around.


Create a night filled with fun and games for a carnival themed prom night. Start it off by making the prom invitations look like carnival tickets. At the dance use red and white vertical stripes to accent the venue’s interior, the guests will feel like they are at a real carnival. Snacks can also be utilized as decoration with popcorn machines and cotton candy spinners on the floor. The bonus to hosting a carnival prom is that entertainment is endless. Along with music and dancing, indoor or outdoor carnival games such as a ring toss, fun house mirrors, and funny photo cutouts to take pictures in will be a hit. Decorating with balloons and giant stuffed animals is a must. Cater in some carnival food to tie it all together.

WOW! Events

As Southern California’s leading high school event planner we have a lot of ideas up our sleeves. We pay close attention to detail and can help in the planning and execution of your event. If you like some of these ideas and want to see our full list of prom themes contact us or fill out our form to request a free consultation.

A large part of planning an event revolves around the food you intend on having for your attendees. The process of figuring out how many people you have to prepare food for and deciding what foods to serve is difficult enough, but then having to prepare and serve the food can make things even more stressful. This is what makes caterers so important to events.

Often times, great food can help make an event even more memorable. Finding the right caterer is crucial to the success of any event, large or small.

Make Planning Simpler

Planning an event is time consuming. You’re going to have a million things to think about such as guest lists, invitations, venues, timelines, entertainment, décor and food. Food logistics are difficult to understand, especially if you have no experience doing it. Caterers will deal with this for you. Not having to cook or serve will alleviate some stress and allow you to focus on other things while they take care of this. A great caterer ensures that your event is fully stocked, and that your guests are well taken care of.

Leave it to the Professionals

Just like in anything else, experience is important. Preparing or planning food for an event should be left to the professionals. Catering is no easy task and shouldn’t be expected to be done by anyone who hasn’t done it before. Caterers with experience in the type of event you’re planning will help your event succeed. They know how to treat the food to ensure it is handled correctly and safely the entire day. Experienced caterers will cater to your theme and to your attendees. Not everyone has the same food needs or preferences which is why catering companies are great. They provide the versatility needed to adapt many plates to fit diverse wants and needs.

Presentation is Important

Your food must be stunning in a way that it not only tastes terrific but also looks terrific. Caterers can make the presentation of the meal correspond with the event theme. By having a catering company, you will be able to leave a lasting impression. With a million things going on before and during the event, it’s great to have a catering company pay attention to the small details of your food and beverage options that will make your event even more memorable.

Invest in Catering

Food can make or break any event. Save time, worry less, and make a good impression by investing in a catering company. The versatility that is offered will help your events succeed, regardless of the theme. Quality catering from an experienced company will show the attendees that you care and have amazing taste – no pun intended.

Unfortunately, the most effective tool in exchanging information, planning, and collaboration has been given a bad reputation in the corporate world over the years. Meetings have become too long, less productive and seem to happen all too often. In the workplace, it is important to share, get feedback, and make important decisions as a team. Meetings and conferences allow everyone to engage in a professional environment and when managed correctly they can convene meaningful results. These tips will help to make your meetings more structured and effective.

Have a Purpose

When you are holding a meeting, there should be an end goal, a purpose. By listing exactly what you want to get out of the gathering you can be sure to get everything you need from the attendees. If everyone knows the purpose of the meeting they will do a better job of coming to a conclusion as a team and everyone can walk away feeling as though the meeting accomplished what it needed to, as well as improving their retention of what the meeting was for and what they learned from it.

Keep on Topic

Having specific content that needs to be covered can help to keep on topic during a business meeting. The leader of the meeting should encourage engagement while keeping everyone on track during discussion. Other issues may come to light during a meeting and this is where a leader should take a note of it so it can be discussed at a later time and get back on track with the purpose and topics of this specific meeting.

Practice Positivity

By keeping a meeting positive and showing gratitude, the attendees will be more engaging. Keep mindful to reduce impatience and stress. When serious matters arise treat them as such, but dwelling on the past and what is wrong is not as effective as focusing on the future and what can be done right.

Follow Up

Following up after a meeting is vital habit to get into. When it comes to meetings, following up is a fantastic way to keep everyone on the same page. This is a wonderful time to address those off-topic issues that came up in the meeting that you didn’t take time to address. Having a write up will also allow people who weren’t directly involved stay informed about changes and decisions that are being made.

Change the Setting

Occasionally, change is the best way to keep the mind fresh and break from the same old song and dance. Holding a meeting in the overused conference room will yield the same mentality and expectations. Hosting at a less predictable location will yield less predictable thoughts and reactions during a meeting or conference. For lengthy presentations or discussions this is a great way to keep engagement and energy levels at maximum.

WOW! Events can smell it now, the scent of pumpkin flavored everything, the crisp refreshing California breeze, and the spectacular changes in color. Fall is creeping around the corner and WOW! Events knows what that means – The holiday season is calling our names. Even though it won’t get much cooler for some time, we are excited for this upcoming fall because of all the fun it brings as the end of the year rapidly approaches us. This time of year is perfect for corporate catering & event planning to flourish. The best way to boost morale and celebrate end of the year successes is by throwing a party for all your employees and their families. There is no better time than the end of a year to show appreciation for all the hard work they’ve done, as well as encourage them for the upcoming tasks that lay ahead in the new year. If you plan on hosting a Halloween bash, winter wonderland appreciation night, jolly holiday party, or a rockin’ New Year’s Eve celebration for your clients, vendors or employees, now is the time to put your planning pants on.

Reasons to Start Planning Early

More availability: The earlier you start planning, the more options you have. You don’t want to find out that the venue you fell in love with has already been booked and be left with the “typical boring venue”, do you?

Relieve stress: Planning a party is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. Starting as early as possible will allow you and take your time in making decisions.

Invite your guests: If you know the details (What, When, Where) you can get the word out early. The holiday season is a busy time for most. To ensure good attendance let everyone know about it so they can plan accordingly. Securing a date at an unique venue should be done prior to this.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Planning for a big event like this can be difficult, before submersing yourself into color schemes, catering and decorations, take a step back and make sure you have these crucial questions answered:

  1. What are the goals of the event?
  2. Approximately how large is the guest list?
  3. What type of people will be attending?
  4. Dates that will work to host the event?
  5. What time of day will the party be held?
  6. Do you have a specific location or type of venue in mind for the event?
  7. Will you need outside help (vendors, caterers, planners, entertainment…etc.)?
  8. What is your budget for this event?

The information that you compile will set the tone for all later decisions, so the more you know early on the better. Thinking through some of the more trivial aspects of your event will help you set goals and build the rest of your plans on a sturdy foundation.

Let WOW! Events Help

If you are looking to throw a successful corporate party for your employees this year, but can’t find a way to get out of the predictable, cookie cutter corporate party rut, look no further. WOW! Events specializes in awesome corporate parties, that your guests will be talking about until you blow their socks off again the following year. From finding a venue that meets your needs, to custom food and entertainment that your guests will adore, we have the connections and experience to provide the ultimate party planning experience. We know that you don’t have to have a huge budget to throw a great corporate party, memories and smiles are worth much more. If you would like our professional team to assist in creating an unforgettable night for you and your employees feel free to contact us. We would love to help you WOW! you and your guests with an extraordinary event.

It’s no secret that planning an event is a great task. Luckily there are experts in event planning that can help you complete your vision and take some of the stress and uncertainty away in the process. Learning the difference between event planners, designers, and coordinators early on can help you on your search for the best assistance. Understand what each does, and why you may want to hire them.

Event Planners/Event Producers

First thing to know about event planners is that they are not just party planners. While the final product may give the impression that this profession is all about creating great parties, event planning is much more than that. These people are goal oriented, extremely organized, and a lot of their work is done behind the scenes in pre-production. An experienced event planner will create an event that adheres to the message or theme you want to convey. Event planners are involved throughout the entire planning process and are your main advocate in anything logistically based, from vendor referrals and contract negotiations to the overall execution. The Event Planner keeps track of the budget and assists you with anything that pertains to your event. During your process of planning an event, your event planner will be there every step of the way and will know your vision in every capacity to make it all happen.

Event Designers

Every event requires more than timelines and logistics; this is where an event designer comes into play. An event designer oversees every aesthetic aspect. Once you convey your idea for an event, an event designer will take that idea and transform it into an atmosphere with creative details.
Event Designers are visionaries, they require an artistic eye, and can visualize each detail to give your event a cohesive style. Don’t get event design confused with decorating. Decorating is what people do on Christmas. Design consulting for an event is more than that, it accounts for everything in a room including floorplans, décor, lighting, furniture, color schemes, tablescapes and even attire if needed.

Event Coordinators

Coordinators, like planners are logic-focused but work with you within a shorter timeframe well into the planning process. They will confirm the contracts with each vendor, create timelines for the day of, insure payments and get guest counts in order once the event is approaching. As your main point of contact during the last few weeks leading up to your event, this person helps to tweak details and tie up loose ends to be fully prepared. The value of having an event coordinator is to ensure everything is on schedule, and to make sure everything is running smoothly. Usually this person will be there the day of the event to tend to detail, resolve issues that may arise and take control so you can enjoy your time with your guests.

What WOW! Can Do for You

The benefit of working with WOW! Events is that we are a full-service event planning company. This means that we can be your planner, coordinator, and designer all in one to provide an inclusive experience for each client. From beginning to end, knowing that we are there to ensure everything is done promptly and efficiently heightens the enjoyment of the event while reducing the amount of stress along the way. We are able to save you time and money because we are experienced in all types of event planning, are custom to your specific needs, and have trusted vendors and venue locations that others don’t know exist. Get ahold of one of our Event Producers at WOW! Events to see what knowledge and resources we have to help educate and guide you through your upcoming event.

Last month, members of National Association of Women Business Owners – Orange County (NAWBO-OC) congregated around our office to socialize over shrimp cocktails, learn about our event planning process, and fill up on some tasty treats and drinks from our exquisite caterers.

Set the Scene

Our office was picture perfect. Extending our orange and white color scheme to the decorative accents was a brilliant touch of color that left the room feeling fresh and warm. Soothing candles and stunning floral arrangements with a flawless amount of lively greenery set the mood leaving everyone relaxed and eager to mingle.

Bring an Appetite

Of course, no gathering is complete without delicious snacks. Our caterers outdid themselves and created beautiful trays of assorted appetizers. Everyone adored the shrimp cocktail, bread, fruit, and the always popular meat and cheese platter. We displayed the variety of food buffet style for our guests to enjoy at their leisure.

For dessert, we added a flair of fun to our professional setup with a full candy station. This was where we found ways to play with color, adding bright pops of orange chiffon fluffed up around glass jars filled with tasty treats. We chose a smorgasbord of orange and white sugar crystal gummies, beautifully wrapped chocolates, our favorite orange starbursts and swirled lollipops. Above the candy bar is where we placed party favors for our guests to grab on their way out. WOW! Events Mugs filled with sweets were the perfect little thank you for visiting our office and being a part of our WOW! Moments.

Share and Learn

To break the ice, we provided name tags, ice breakers, and folders containing information about WOW! Events and who we are.

The entire gathering was focused on women business owners learning, sharing, and supporting one another.

While the women were socializing over wine, sangria, and snacks our very own president, Tiffany Brown, was ready to blow everyone away with sharing knowledge about event planning. Tiffany, an expert in everything events, intrigued everyone with her presentation on the tools to creating a WOW! event. This was a fantastic way for us to introduce WOW! Events and what we are about while showcasing how talented our planners are.

WOW! Events

By the end of the event we were feeling very accomplished. Hosting a mixer for the ladies of NAWBO-OC allowed us to meet amazing people, learn about their companies and celebrate women in business while showing off our talents of creating memorable WOW! worthy events.

WOW! Events is ready to make your next event unique. While most high school proms and wedding receptions are over by 11 PM due to venue noise ordinances, WOW! Events has the technology to keep your party going well into the night.

Silent discos are changing the way event goers listen to music. At a silent disco, there are no speakers. Each person is given their own wireless headphones to wear during the event. Silent discos are intended to do exactly what their name says – be silent. This type of party doesn’t cause any noise, but that doesn’t detract from the unique experience.

Set Your Event Apart from the Rest

This innovative trend has been popping up all over the place. Coachella, Bonnaroo and The X Games are all joining in on this unique event entertainment. A silent disco can make your next event stand out from all others. Attendees won’t have to be subjected to just one DJ. Multiple DJ’s playing several types of music will be dueling for everyone’s attention, giving each guest a more personal experience. Each person chooses which DJ they want to groove to by changing the station on their headphones. Having multiple DJ’s will make your event an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

The Benefits of a Silent Disco

Silent discos eliminate some problems that typical events have. Not being able to communicate with the people around you because the music is too loud can be annoying, but with silent discos you’re in control of the volume. If you need a quick break from the music, there’ll be no need to go to the hallway or a different room to get some peace. Silent disco headphones are easily removable, and make conversing with people around you much easier, while everyone else is plugged into the music.

Learn More With WOW! Events

A silent disco is perfect for a variety of events. There is no bulky equipment or speakers to worry about placing in your venue. Silent discos are great entertainment for any gathering. From high school proms and formals, to corporate events or private client events such as weddings, birthdays or holiday parties. If you’re worried about your venues noise ordinance, or just want your event to be remembered for years to come, a silent disco could be exactly what you’ve been searching for. Let us help to customize your event entertainment to meet your needs. Make your next event the best one yet with a WOW! Events silent disco.

At WOW! Events we know that corporate events and gatherings are a very important part of any company’s annual calendar. Hosting an event is a terrific way to promote your business internally as well as externally. Not only do corporate events reinforce your company’s brand values and messages, they create bonds with existing and potential clients, and improve the overall staff morale. A successful corporate event relies on many factors including location, atmosphere, food, organization, and entertainment. Our experienced corporate event producers have everything covered, with access to premier venues, and trusted vendor partners throughout Southern California.

Generate Interest in your Corporate Event

Time and time again companies will settle for the same type of generic corporate event entertainers. One of the most difficult tasks when planning any type of event is to choose the right entertainment or activities to keep your guests attentive. The wrong entertainment for your corporate event will cause your employees to lose interest. Promoting a unique form of entertainment that will be at your corporate gathering will help ensure a high attendance rate. The goal is to get people talking and interested in your event to get them in the door. After a successful corporate event people will be excited to come back for any of your future gatherings, continuing the good name of the company and its reputation.

Reinforce Your Brand Values

Hosting any type of corporate event, be it a holiday party, fundraising gala, convention, awards dinner or conference, you want to leave your guests with a memorable experience. The best entertainment reinforces a company’s image, brand and corporate message. When utilized correctly, entertainment can be a superb way of maximizing brand value in a subtle manner.

Suitable Corporate Event Entertainment

The main reason to have some sort of entertainment at your corporate event is to make a lasting impression on your attendees. They are more likely to talk about your company to others and will want to come to your next event if they enjoyed themselves. It is important to make sure that you pursue a unique entertainment idea, while taking your audience into consideration. Keep in mind what type of people will be attending your corporate event to ensure that your entertainment is suitable for your guests. Knowing what your guests will enjoy will give them a more personal experience. The entertainment should be current, try to incorporate logos and branding, and find entertainers that fit along with your businesses theme and message.

WOW! Corporate Event Planning

At WOW! Events we thrive in helping to make your corporate events more interesting, memorable and productive. Employees have come to expect the same old thing, this is what makes them hesitant to attend. Let WOW! Events help to give them something to get excited about. Our full service corporate event planners will draw attention to your company and provide the added “WOW! factor”.


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